bike and hike tour Silberkarklamm

The e-bike tour starts directly at the hotel Matschner. Go direction east on the main road in to “Ramsau Rössing”. At the farm “Percht” turn left.

Continue on the hiking trail to the restaurant “Fliegenpilz”. Go down and cross the parking “Silberkarklamm”. At the crossroads “Rössingstraße” keep right. After a few meters turn left before the “Almstube Schlattinger”.

Cross the wooden bridge on the steadily uphill “Strimitzweg” (graveled road) . Follow the “Obere Leiten road”  back to the starting point in Ramsau.

Difficulty: middle
Route: 13,9 km
Duration: aprox. 2:30 hours
Altitude: aprox. 361 hm